Application Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Application Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machines have replaced traditional processing methods with their flexibility and flexibility. They have gradually become popular in China’s major metal processing industries, and fiber laser cutting machines have also been widely used in different industries.

  1. Precision Machinery Manufacturing Industry

High-quality, high-efficiency, stable, reliable, and inexpensive lasers are the prerequisite for the promotion and application of precision machining. One of the development trends of laser precision machining is the miniaturization of machining systems. The integration of processing systems is another important trend in the development of laser precision processing. Systematize and perfect the laser precision processing technology of various materials; develop user-friendly special control software suitable for laser precision processing, and supplement it with the corresponding process database; combine control, process and laser to realize light, The integration of mechanical, electrical, and material processing is an inevitable trend in the development of laser precision processing.

  • Sheet Metal Processing Industry

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, traditional sheet metal cutting equipment can no longer meet the current process requirements. Laser cutting has gradually replaced traditional equipment with its high level of flexibility and fast cutting speed. Fiber laser cutting machines will be used in the future. The application of gold processing is an inevitable trend.

  • Agricultural Machinery Industry

With the continuous development of agriculture, the types of agricultural machinery products tend to be diversified and specialized. At the same time, new requirements are put forward for the manufacture of agricultural machinery products. The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology of the fiber laser cutting machine not only reduce the production cost of agricultural machinery products, but also improve the economic benefits.

  • Kitchenware Manufacturing Industry

The traditional processing methods in the kitchenware manufacturing industry face problems such as low work efficiency, high mold consumption, and high cost of use. Fiber laser cutting machine equipment has fast cutting speed and extremely high cutting precision, which improves the processing efficiency, and also improves the yield of range hoods and gas appliances, and solves the problems that have been plagued by kitchenware manufacturers.

  • Advertising Production Industry

Traditional advertising processing equipment generally uses materials such as processing advertising fonts. Due to the unsatisfactory processing accuracy and cutting surface, the probability of rework is quite high. The high-precision laser cutting technology does not require secondary rework, which greatly improves work efficiency and saves enterprise costs.

Fiber laser cutting machines are now more and more widely used, not only in the above industries, but also in aerospace, steel construction, elevator manufacturing, and printing industries.

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